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Rational Veterinary Medicine: two websites working together to provide a resource for those wishing to take a critical look at the evidence behind the claims of homeopaths and other practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) as well as related pseudosciences (including raw feeding and the anti-vaccination lobby).

This one ( is an easy to access, one-stop shop for the various scientific papers, general articles, and media items on the subject. Some are those claimed by homeopaths and others to give proof that their practices are effective when in fact they are not (you can find an index of their so-called evidence here), others are featured as convincing evidence that most of the practices of CAM and CAVM are utterly ineffective and some are downright harmful.

The other, more recent, site provides a selection of original articles on the subject as well as hosting the Rationalvetmed blog.

So, next time someone tells you that Linde’s 1997 paper is irrefutable proof of the effectiveness of homeopathy or that the damning metanalysis of homeopathic trials by Shang et al in 2005 was biassed and poorly done or that homeopathy can cure leptospirosis or acute diarrhoea or that homeopathy must work because it’s effective in animals, just hop along to RationalVetMed for the truth behind the hype.

And remember our motto: “Nothing is as good as homeopathy” !

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