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Rational Veterinary Medicine provides a resource for those wishing to look at the evidence behind the claims of homeopaths and other practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and related pseudosciences (including raw feeding). As would be expected from the title it has a veterinary slant, which is not a bad thing because one of the chief bogus arguments that homeopaths make is “it works in animals” (it doesn’t)...

This site is, in part, a response to the common practice of “data-dumping” (also known as the “Gish Gallop”) where proponents of CAM visiting blogs, forums, etc..., will drop vast numbers of references at great speed into a debate which they claim support their case. This tactic is intended to overwhelm other participants by sheer mass of information in order to give the false impression that the evidence is valid by default and not giving an opponent time to address or refute any of the claims made.

Here you will find a one-stop shop where many of the papers commonly cited by both sides of the debate are listed, given a brief critique by RationalVetMed and then followed by links to abstracts, the full text (where available), responses from other commentators and a list of key words. While many of the papers considered here are personal favourites which I have accumulated over the years, many are from lists of papers homeopaths themselves use to support their position, many of which are available on line and where is it useful to have relevant links in one central point. Without exception none of these papers provide any evidence that homeopathy is effective.

I have also included a number of articles and opinion pieces which have inspired me over the years for general interest.

So, next time someone tells you that Linde’s 1997 paper is irrefutable proof of the effectiveness of homeopathy or that the damning metanalysis of homeopathic trials by Shang in 2005 was biassed and poorly done or that homeopathy can cure leptospirosis or acute diarrhoea just hop along to RationalVetMed for the truth behind the hype.

And remember our motto: “Nothing is as good as homeopathy”!


Earth's 326 million cubic miles of water cover most of the planet's surface. Water makes up 70% of our body mass (80% in the case of a newborn infant); the average human uses about 50 gallons of it every day.

Water has inspired great works of art and sculpted the surface of our planet. It has killed millions in floods and tidal waves, yet without a ready supply we would be dead in less than a week.

It is the only substance that is found naturally on earth in three states: liquid, gas and solid. It dissolves more things than any other known liquid and uniquely it is actually lighter as a solid than as a liquid.

Water is a wonderful, awful thing without which life itself couldn't have evolved. The water molecule itself is probably the most extensively studied compund in history, we know more about it than almost any other chemical.

Water is all these things and much more, but one thing it is not, is a medicine, nor is it magic - yet that is what every homeopath in existence claims.

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