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Although the majority of the RationalVetMed site is given over to a database of references to CAM there are also one or two in house articles covering a few of the basic points on the subject. These articles amount to a distillation of the discussions I’ve had over the years with fellow sceptics as well as homeopaths and other purveyors of CAM.

I seemed to be repeating the same points time and again and homeopaths seemed unable to comprehend them so it seemed to make sense to write them down and put them somewhere they could be accessed more easily than when scattered across about a dozen different forums and discussion groups.

The best that they can do

A critical look at some of the best evidence homeopaths have to offer. But don’t get your hopes up!

The Best They Can Do

The Usual Suspects

Some scientific papers seem to come up time and again when talking to homeopaths - and here they are!

How to look at evidence

The Evidence

Some evidence is more equal than others - this article will point you in the right direction if you want to know why

Scepticism about homeopathy

Scepticism About Homeopathy

There are dozens of reasons that homeopathy is impossible - including dead bees and storms!


The Arguments

Genuine arguments or just a means of trying to distract from the real issues of evidence? - find out here.

CAM Journals and Evidence

CAM journals are just too prone to pro-CAM bias to be taken seriously as evidence.

The Usual Suspects